Broyhill Chamber Ensemble: Reflections: Part Two

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013 - 8:00pm
Rosen Concert Hall
$20 / $18.40 / $10

Gil Morgenstern
Benjamin Hochman
Kathryn Lockwood
Ole Akahoshi

“Reflections: Part Two” picks up where “Part One” leaves off. A cello sonata from Beethoven’s late period contrasts with the Violin Sonata heard in “Part One" followed by Ravel's Sonata for violin and cello. Concluding the program will be Robert Schumann’s powerful Piano Quartet, contrasting his respectful underscoring for Bach as heard in “Part One.”

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An Appalachian Summer Festival
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Schaefer Center Box Office
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(800) 841-ARTS or (828) 262-4046
About The Broyhill Chamber Ensemble

The Broyhill Chamber Ensemble is an extraordinary association of internationally acclaimed musicians which, in association with Nine Circles Chamber Theatre and its Reflections Series International, presents an alternative to the conventional approach to chamber music programming.

Reflections Series International presents solo and chamber music together with art, poetry and prose from around the world in combinations that both reflect upon one another and invite the audience to reflect anew on universal themes. The ensemble's flexibility of instrumentation and great variety of repertoire make it the ideal group for exploring the full spectrum of chamber music's expressive palette and experimental performance. According to Broyhill Chamber Ensemble Artistic Director Gil Morgenstern, "The Reflections Series International continues the well-established tradition of exploring both Old World masters and the less familiar but masterful works of contemporary artists. From sublime compositions created in the midst of horror and terror, to music inspired by painting and sculpture, each piece on select programs will reflect and refract the ones surrounding it in an interactive and intimate setting." Whether in traditional concert format, in residency or in its Reflections series, the Broyhill Chamber Ensemble steps outside the customary performance boundaries by presenting programs that marry the intimacy of chamber music with the power of theatre.

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