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In/Visible Theatre: Mauzy

Written and Directed Derek Davidson
Event Info
Date: Thursday, July 28, 2016
Location: Valborg Theatre
Time: 8:00pm
$20 Adult, $10 Student/Child

Written and Directed Derek Davidson

What Haunts You?

On a misty October night, an itinerant mountain preacher finds a cabin inhabited by two young sisters, who insist he stay with them until the rain passes. The three spend the evening swapping tales and singing songs, but it grows clear that certain things—music, for instance, or true love, or the evil actions of men—leave remnants after the things themselves have long faded away. Even if we don’t want them to remain…

Mauzy is a tale about tale-telling, about songs, about how storytellers can mix so deep into the stories themselves that they never find their way out—out of the story, or out of the mountains, or back to the world of the living.

Like a song that won’t leave your head, like a wind sneaking through the cracks into your house, or like that part of your past you’ve tried to forget, Mauzy will haunt you…

About In/Visible Theatre

In/Visible Theatre makes meaningful, beautiful, and socially relevant theatre for the permanent and temporary residents of our dynamic mountain town, and to tour outside our region.  In/Visible Theatre operates under the philosophy that great art is in service to others, and recognize that to engage audiences in whole and moving theatre, all aspects of production—from the scripts to the acting—must be of equally high quality.  Through constantly striving for both inclusion and excellence, In/Visible Theatre pursues their theatre—their “seeing place” as a home for collective secular revelation.

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