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Rioult Dance NY

with live music performed by the Broyhill Chamber Ensemble
Event Info
Date: Saturday, July 23, 2016
Location: Schaefer Center for the Performing Arts
Time: 8:00pm
$28 Adult, $20 Student/Child
General Admission

Bach Dances is a series of powerful dances set to Bach masterpieces. Characterized by a unity of music, movement, and art, this program includes Views of the Fleeting WorldCity, Polymorphous, and Celestial Tides.  The festival is proud to present an evening that blends the artistry of a company at the forefront of contemporary dance today with the prodigiously talented musicians of its resident chamber ensemble.

“Perhaps the most adept and courageous choreographerin mainstream modern dance today…” – Lisa Jo Sagolla, Backstage

“…like an artisan,…he’s the maker of a rich and complex cloth; he weaves moments in time from threads of imagination and makes them in to dances.”  - Johnny Nevin, Huffington Post

Celestial Tides

About Rioult

Rioult Dance NY is committed to supporting the creation of new works by founder and choreographer Pascal Rioult; to communicating the essence and intensity of his artistic vision; to sustaining its company of dancers; and to educating and expanding audiences for modern dance at home and through touring, nationally and internationally.

Founded in 1994, Rioult Dance NY fast became an established name in modern dance with a reputation for presenting the sensual, articulate, and exquisitely musical works of Pascal Rioult. The New York City-based dance company presents an annual New York season, tours nationally and internationally, conducts extensive in-school arts education and community outreach programs, and offers dance training to the public through classes, workshops, and intensives.

Extraordinary for an organization its size, Rioult Dance NY is highly committed to its dancers, providing steady employment and year-round health insurance. Each dancer’s creative development is fostered through training classes, teaching opportunities, and challenging repertory while maintaining comprehensive rehearsal and performance schedules. The company is fortunate to have welcomed new dancers over the years and retained many, some of whom have danced with the company for over a decade.


About The Broyhill Chamber Ensemble

The Broyhill Chamber Ensemble is an extraordinary association of internationally acclaimed musicians which, in association with Nine Circles Chamber Theatre and its international Reflections series, presents an alternative to the conventional approach to chamber music programming.

Reflections Series International presents solo and chamber music together with art, poetry and prose from around the world in combinations that both reflect upon one another and invite the audience to reflect anew on universal themes. The ensemble's flexibility of instrumentation and great variety of repertoire make it the ideal group for exploring the full spectrum of chamber music's expressive palette and experimental performance. According to Broyhill Chamber Ensemble Artistic Director Gil Morgenstern, "The Reflections Series International continues the well-established tradition of exploring both Old World masters and the less familiar but masterful works of contemporary artists. From sublime compositions created in the midst of horror and terror, to music inspired by painting and sculpture, each piece on select programs will reflect and refract the ones surrounding it in an interactive and intimate setting." Whether in traditional concert format, in residency or in its Reflections series, the Broyhill Chamber Ensemble steps outside the customary performance boundaries by presenting programs that marry the intimacy of chamber music with the power of theatre.

Views of the Fleeting World


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