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Weicholz Global Film Series: Summer 1993 (Estiu 1993)

A Year of Women in Film
Event Info
Date: Tuesday, July 24, 2018
Location: Schaefer Center for the Performing Arts
Time: 7:00pm
General Admission: $10

Pre-film talk with Dr. John Pfeifer begins at 7pm, with the film beginning at approximately 7:30pm.

In Catalan with English subtitles

In the summer 1993, following the death of her parents, six-year-old Frida moves from Barcelona to the Catalan province to live with her aunt and uncle, who are now her new legal guardians. The country life is a challenge for Frida – time passes differently in her new home and the nature that surrounds her is mysterious and estranging. Frida now has a little sister, Anna, for whom she must learn to co-exist, and she has to deal with new feelings, such as jealousy, patience and compassion. Before the season is over, she has to cope with her emotions, and her new parents have to learn to love her as their own daughter.

"Striking a careful balance between narrative and atmosphere, the writer-director paints a vivid portrait of a light-filled summer when a little girl has to face the loss of her mother and integration into a new nuclear family.” – Variety

“A delicately crafted, moving filmic memoir. True and captivating.” – The Hollywood Reporter

Starring: Lala Artigas (Frida), Paula Robles (Anna) Bruna Cusi (Marga)
Awards: Spanish Academy Award (Goya) for Best New Director (Simon), Best New Actress (Cusi)
Spain; Unrated; Directed by Carla Simón (2017); 97 Minutes

Pre-Film Meal Offerings

Proper, The Local and Lost Province Brewing Company are offering a pared down menu on Tuesdays starting at 5pm/5:30pm with a guarantee that festival patrons can be served promptly and able to depart from the restaurant by 6:30pm.

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With special thanks to our generous sponsors for this series, Helene and Stephen Weicholz and our host, Dr. John Pfeifer.